7 Years of Domestic Bliss

Scott already posted something about what today is to us, but I wanted to, also. 7 years ago today, I left my old life behind and moved in with the love of my life.

Scott says of our first in person meeting:

At dinner, Kim and I got into intense discussions, practically ignoring John (for which I still feel sort of bad, but he understood what was happening). I couldn’t believe the spark between us.

What he doesn’t mention is that I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship the previous Spring, in what could not be called an amicable breakup. He also doesn’t mention that after said breakup, I swiftly got engaged to someone else. (Talk about a rebound.) That engagement was broken off about a week and a half before the night Scott is talking about here. I was not in the market for a new man at that point. In fact, I was sworn off them and telling my mother I was going to “become a lesbian.”

(To my mother’s everlasting credit, when I said that to her, she simply said, “You should think about that carefully. It wouldn’t be an easy life to lead.” Most of my friends mothers would have been horrified, not reflective.)

On the way home from dinner that night, John gave me a knowing smirk and asked what I thought of Scott. I said, “He seems like a nice guy.” John’s only response was another smirk.

I resisted admitting that it really was love at first site for all of a week or two. Sometimes I wonder how much faster we would have moved if I hadn’t been off men at the time we met.

Scott says:

Kim became a fixture at the new place, which was two floors of a three floor house. It was unbelievable, plain and simple. So, about two weeks into October, I asked her to move in with me. We’d already talked a little bit about it, but were thinking the following Spring. Neither of us wanted to wait.

Well, that’s not quite the way it happened. I was only at his old apartment once, and only at the new apartment two or three times. The fact is, when we moved in together, we had barely spent any time together in person at all.

In October, John decided he was going to move to Florida. He had this idea, I think, that he had to stick around to make sure I was taken care of. Meeting Scott relieved him of that. So, when I told Scott that John was moving, Scott said, “So, when are you moving in?” I replied, “Next month?”

Men always forget the details.

Honestly, it’s amazing that this relationship has lasted as long as it has. We should have gone our separate ways so many times in 1996. That first year was tough, and I still look back at it and can’t believe we made it through. As a result of tearing down and rebuilding so much during that time, though, we now have a solid foundation and a firm belief that we can get through anything. As long as we’re together, anything life throws at us can be overcome.


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  1. Feh! Let’s see, there’s the weekend we went shopping and you spent $400 of my money on household items; the weekend of the wedding; and one or two more after that. Basically, every weekend. 😛

  2. Unfortunately – or fortunately, at times – there are no single brothers. The older one is married off, 2 months after our wedding, and there are no more.

    The bestest? Then how come we don’t get minions on a daily basis? Hmmmm?

    Hugs from a dick. What can beat that?

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