See You In D.C.!

I just booked our hotel for the weekend of the March for Women’s Lives, so Scott and I are ready to go. We’re only 4 hours from D.C., so technically we could have driven down early Sunday, but we decided to make a weekend of it. We’ll drive down early Saturday and spend the day seeing the sites in the capital. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian, so that’s definitely something we plan to do.

So… who else is going?

Currently rattling around in my head:
This must be heaven
Tonight I crossed the line.
You must be the angel
I thought I’d never find.
Was it you I heard singin’
While I was chasin’ dreams?
Driven by the wind,
Like the dust that blows around
And the rain fallin’ down


6 Responses

  1. Me, I’m going. Hey, you should let them know at the Blog for Choice that you’re going to be there – Roni’s compiling a list of bloggers who will be marching. The link’s in my blogroll.

  2. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t slept all night, or the alien nesting in my gut, or the absense of my glasses this morning but I swear to jeebus I misread that TWICE as “March for Mormon’s Hives”. I’m like, “Hives? Hives like where bees live, or hives like what my dogs give me? And why only Mormons?”

    I sat here saying that for, like, five minutes.

    I think I’ll step away quietly and hope no one notices me…

  3. Thanks for the info, Ms. 9. I actually already link to that site, and asked Roni to add me a while back. I’m guessing she’s been busy and hasn’t had time to get to it yet. 🙂

    The March for Mormon’s Hives is the weekend *after*. We’ll be there for that, too! Can’t have the Mormons without their hives. That would be a crime.

  4. Yeah, hives really stink. I had a terrible case of them a few years ago. I would come home from work everyday and cry because I was so miserable.