Eckerd Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Rape Victim’s Prescription

A pharmacist in a Texas Eckerd’s refused to fill a prescription for Plan B for a rape victim. She was able to fill the prescription elsewhere, fortunately.

A spokesman for the Florida-based company confirmed that Eckerd has taken disciplinary action in response to an incident at the store.

“Apparently there was a request for a prescription to be filled and the prescription was denied based on a moral or ethical decision made by the pharmacist, and that’s not in accordance with our corporate policy,” said Joan Gallagher, vice president of communications for Largo, Florida-based Eckerd Corp.

I hope the “disciplinary action” included firing his sorry ass.


2 Responses

  1. What a fucktard. This enrages me. Arrogant moralistic bastard. And of course it happened here in Texas. Grrrrrr.

    Sorry to barf bad words all over your comments. I hope he or she was fired too.