The Local Jackhammer

The local jackhammer
The local jackhammer
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This little guy shows up every spring and sticks around throughout the summer. He’s seen here on his favorite tree, which is on the corner right outside my kitchen window.

Last year, the Old Man came to ask Scott and me what we did in the morning that caused such a racket. We had no idea what he was talking about, because I’m not up till 9am and Scott is quiet as a mouse when he gets up at 7am. The Old Man said it sounded like a jackhammer every morning. We said, “You mean the woodpecker?” And we pointed him to all the woodchips at the base of this one particular tree.

His response was, “Son of a bitch!”

It really shows how loud our little friend can be, because the Old Man is deaf as a stone. Yet he thought the woodpecker was a jackhammer. Personally, I think the woodpecker sounds like a woodpecker, and having lived through jackhammers in the park across the street all last autumn, I can say without a doubt that this guy does not sound like a jackhammer.

Xena adores the woodpecker. She knows his call, and if the window is open and she hears him calling outside, she runs to the window to look for him. Joxer will run to the window for any songbird, but for Xena it has to be the woodpecker. I think she dreams of eating him.


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  1. What an awesome picture! Yeah, we have one of those out in our big ole Maple tree. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, but since I’ve enjoyed hearing him in the morning.