Recently Arrived In My Mailbox

To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Butterfly (DOB: 11/25/19x) was a patient under my care at [medical center name]. In March 2003, she was diagnosed with stage III serous tumor of low malignant potential of the right ovary. These are non-invasive tumors with excellent survival and she did not receive adjuvant chemotherapy. In September 2004 she was diagnosed with a similar serous tumor in the left ovary treated with cystecomy. While there is a risk of recurrance of this tumor, her prospects for long-term survival are excellent and I would anticipate a normal life expectancy. She is not presently receiving any treatment for this condition and has no medical reasons that I know of that would prevent her from effectively parenting a child. Any further questions can be addressed to me at 212-xxx-xxxx.


Wonderful-Doctor-With-A-Kind-Manner-And-Firm-Handshake, MD
Division of Gynecologic Oncology

People, we have lift-off.


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