The adoption application, it hasn’t been mailed yet. It’s completely filled out and sitting on my desk.

I’m afraid to send it in. Once it’s mailed, that’s it. As long as it hasn’t been sent, no one can turn me down. As long as it’s still sitting on my desk, it represents the potential of a child. Once it’s mailed, the door is open for the agency to say, “Ha! Ha ha HA! You thought we’d let you have a kid? It’s cute how hopeful you were. No, seriously. I almost feel bad crushing your dreams. ALMOST.”

And so there it sits. On my desk.

I’m going to write the check for the application fee tonight, though. Honestly.

Baby steps. (Ha HA! Get it? Baby steps?)

Update: Ha! I did just write the check. And as I was reviewing the application to make sure it was all good before I slipped it into its envelope, I noticed the instructions at the top of the front page. The ones that directed me to answer the numbered questions on separate paper and attached the extra pages at the end of the application. I didn’t do that. I just wrote really small.

Does that mean I didn’t write enough? Now I need to do it over again??


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  1. OMG! I hate it when that happens to me!

    Maybe they don’t want tiny writing but larger writing. remember that some old folks will be reading your application. 😉

    I wouldn’t worry that you wrote enough thou, as long as you asnwered the question, I think they will be pleased that you didn’t write a mini-novel like I’m sure some people do.