With a name that means nothingness, you’d think they would be cheaper

Last night, Scott and I finally took our tree down. That’s one of the problems with a faux trees*, I guess: they don’t dry up and turn brown, so you can leave them up all year if you want. In fact, Scott and Alex suggested we do just that. They wanted to leave it up all year and decorate it for each season. I have to admit that this is a somewhat appealing idea, but only to the part of me which is too lazy to take down the tree.

With the tree down, we set to righting the living room. Big changes had to be made to furnitire placement in order to accomodate the tree; changes that left the living room very difficult to navigate. I’m so happy to have open space in here again. And with the setting to rights came the vacuuming of the living room rug, which has only been able to be vacuumed in patches since we put the tree up 4 weeks ago. This is where the problems kicked in.

First, I noticed a mild smell of burning rubber. This quickly turned into Scott running into the living room to find out where that gods awful smell of burning rubber was coming from. Then the beater bar stopped spinning. The vcauum will still suck things up using the hose, but anything else, forget about it.

Now Kim, I can hear you saying to yourself, that sounds like a belt. Well, Scott and I talked about that and we decided that we are not “fix the vacuum” kinds of people. We’re “replace the vacuum” kinds of people. We don’t know much about getting things fixed, but we know a whole lot about buying new.

So that’s what we did: we bought new. Well, refurbished. Because holy mackerel, people! Do you have any idea how much good vacuums cost?? I was stunned at the prices for a Dyson, which was the only one I would buy. I’ve wanted a Dyson for years, but $500? For a vacuum??**

Fortunately, the refurbished ones came at a significant discount and with good reviews. So I bought a Dyson DC15 The Ball All Floors Vacuum, and it will be delivered tomorrow, courtesy of Amazon Prime, which is so worth it if you buy from Amazon a lot. I may sound like a dork to say so, but I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can start using it. Finally, I have an ally in the war against cat hair.

Oh, and by the way, lest you think the old vacuum with likely nothing wrong than a broken belt is going to end up in a landfill, rest assured, it will not. The Old Man has a vacuum graveyard downstairs. I know he’ll snatch this one right up when I offer it to him. On the off chance he doesn’t want it, I’ll freecycle it.

*Though there was the year, early on living together, when we didn’t take out the real tree until late February. We tried to leave it by the side of the road, where everyone laughed at us. Eventually, we dragged it into the woods across the street. We did this by dead of night and felt very sneaky doing it.

**Don’t even talk to me about the $100 ironing board. That thing is a masterpiece and I needed it. To steam block knitted pieces on***.

***Likewise, don’t talk to me about ending sentences with prepositions. I can do what I want.


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  1. I can sympathize. I love faux trees for the very reason that you don’t have to care for them, nor is there a fire danger present for the most part. We usually take ours down by first week of January if we’re on top of things, but we too have delayed on some years.

    And it’s amazing how much we’ll pay for something to suck … well.. better! LOL.