Flutterings #13

Yes, I am aware of what yesterday was. No, I didn’t post anything about it. Why? Because I think this yearly ripping off of the scab is damaging to our national psyche. Not to mention, I don’t like what that horrible day has been made to symbolize by our government. And that’s all I have to say about that.

At my check in at the clinic today, I still had four follicles. Four. All pretty much the same size they were last week, maybe a millimeter or two smaller, which basically amounts to the same size. Since there were five last week, that means that one of them did go away, but that’s not good enough. This means, of course, more. Fucking. Lupron. It’s been nearly five weeks of Lupron already. If this doesn’t resolve by next week, this cycle will be cancelled.

Demon seems a bit better today. He still hasn’t pooped, but I caught him in the kitchen sink drinking from a bowl – and ignoring the two bowls of fresh water on the floor and the one bowl of fresh water on the island – so I turned on the bathroom sink faucet to let him drink from there. He did, and a nice long drink it was, indeed. He’s also a lot less needy and clingy than he’s been for the past few days, which is a good sign.

Something really disgusting I saw today: a really fat 6- or 7-year-old in a ride-on, battery powered Hummer. Not that the kid disgusted me, but seeing a very fat child in a $400 toy modeled on a gas-guzzling behemoth struck me as being perfectly representative of every single thing that’s wrong with Amercia, all rolled into one package.