“Mailman! Mailman!”

Our next door neighbors have a poorly behaved, somewhat poorly cared for golden lab named Sandy. She’s not horribly cared for; not beaten or starved, but they do neglect her an awful lot.

She’s pretty aggressive when she’s in her yard, and will bark at anyone who comes near her fence. The owners often forget to latch the fence, though, and she wanders a few times a month. Never far, but she does cross the street sometimes and I’ve seen her nearly hit by one of the maniac drivers around here on more than one occasion. When I see her wandering, I go outside and walk up to her and say, “Sandy! Get home!” And she does, immediately and with her tail between her legs, because outside of her yard, she’s terrified of everyone.

The mailman, however, doesn’t know that. He only knows that she barks when he comes near. This makes his job difficult, because the neighbors’ mailbox is inside the fence. With Sandy. So in order to deliver their mail, the mailman has to stand outside the gate and yell, “Mailman! Mailman!” and hope someone will come take it. If they don’t, he has to do this weird contortionist thing from our side yard, reaching over the fence, to try and reach the mailbox on their house without going into the yard.

You would think that the neighbors would move the mailbox out closer to the gate, to avoid having the poor mailman having to do his job this way. But they don’t. I don’t know if they never thought of it or they just don’t care, but I find that so incredibly rude.


3 Responses

  1. If he really wanted, he could make them move it. We got that a few years ago. Post office said move/fix your mailbox or you won’t be getting any mail. Maybe he doesn’t know that.