Late December

First, let me say thank you for the kind words about yesterday’s negative test. Scott and I both really appreciate your thoughts and good wishes.

Second, we’ve made a decision about the next cycle. We’re going to take the next two cycles off, which should put us starting stims again some time between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, assuming my natural cycle resumes pretty much the same as it was before all the drugs.

I considered starting a new cycle immediately, but there’s a lot of reasons not to do it that way. For one, we have a trip to Georgia in mid-November for my mother’s wedding celebration. The timing of a cycle right now could put us at retrieval during that trip. Obviously, that won’t work, and it’s a chance I don’t want to take.

Also, I’m feeling a lot of negative feelings about IVF at this moment, and I don’t want to carry that into the next cycle. Giving myself two natural cycles to get over that and enjoy the holiday season is a necessity. I want to go into the next cycle fresh and excited and full of positive thoughts. If I started stims next week, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

So, late December it is.


3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry about your negative. I think it’s a good idea to take some time off between cycles too. My IVF also failed, just found out last Wednesday. We don’t go back to see the doc for a follow up until the 20th, and I want to take some time off to try to improve my egg quality with vitamins and diet changes first. Best Wishes