Three Months

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Apparently, that’s how long it takes a cat’s presence to fade for other cats.

When Demon started getting really sick, I bought him a new cat bed so that he could feel cozy and comfy. He never really used it, though. I think the cushion in it was a little too firm for him. He tried it once or twice and got right back out after trying to get comfortable for a minute or two.

The only time he used it for any extended period of time was once right after we gave him a bath. This was very shortly before the end, right after they did the procedure to try to remove the blockage. His rump and back legs were caked with the discharge from the procedure – read: poop – so we bathed the back half of his body in the kitchen sink so he would be clean, hoping that would add to his comfort.

After the bath, I wrapped him in a towel and sat on the couch with him cuddled on my chest, to make sure he didn’t get a chill. That was the moment I knew it was all over, because he didn’t fight me. He just let out a bone deep sigh, put his head under my chin, and went still. I thought he died right then and there. But he hadn’t, and when I finally put him down, he climbed into that cat bed and settled himself in, and then started cleaning himself, which was something he hadn’t done in ages. Scott and I were so happy to see that; we thought it meant he was on the mend.

As we know now, he wasn’t, and it wasn’t long after that he died. After his death, none of the cats would go near that cat bed. They wanted nothing to do with it. I thought about throwing it away, more than once, but the frugal part of me held on to it, because it was practically brand new. When we set up the Krismas tree, I moved the bed over by one of the radiators, thinking that might entice one of my little heathens to take a snooze in it. They never did, though.

Until yesterday. Three months and one day after Demon disappeared from their lives. All of a sudden, Goblin walked over to that bed and climbed in, with no fanfare, acting as if he slept there every day. After he got out, Joxer got in. And there Joxer still is. Hibernating.

Maybe that means Demon’s presence is finally gone. Or his smell is gone. Whatever it is, I’m happy to see the bed in use. It’s funny, though, how he managed to keep the others in line and away from his stuff for so long after he died. That’s Demon all over.


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  1. Funny how that is. It has been two months and one day since Mugsy passed away. Her bed, which we bought brand new before her passing has been sitting in its spot in our room. I couldn’t bring myself to move it. Not because I thought any other dog might use it, as we have none now. But because it really meant that she was gone. Something I have had a hard time dealing with. Waking up in the morning and glancing at her bed, even though she wasn’t there, somehow made me feel as though she was. We puppy sat my BIL’s dog last weekend and Frank moved the bed so that we could fit the dog’s crate in that space. It is strange to see the empty space. And I hope we will be able to adopt another dog soon to fill it up. The bed now waits for its new owner, some day, in the eaves of our attic.

    I am glad that Goblin and Joxer have lost their fear, and happy to hear Demon had such a hold on the house and hearts of all 😉

    Oh…and I love that picture.

  2. Thanks for sharing that story – about a sweet looking little fur-boy!

    My cat Julius passed last year and we miss him dearly…even though he was the devil 🙂

    We have a new cat, Sasha, now and she’s very different from Julius (we also have a dog – so it keeps things very interesting in our house).

    It’s good to see your other fur kids have started using Demon’s bed…it’s a good sign for the new year and all the good things to come!

  3. That was a lovely way of helping us all recall times of our own losses — and movings on — Kim.


    And many good things are wished to you as you and your others move on together.

    Also, many good thoughts are headed toward you and Scott from this spot here on the left coast for this and, oh, so many other reasons that you regularly write about here.

    Thank you for continuing to share.