Today’s Report

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for their very supportive words yesterday. I’m still a wreck, but finding my way back to hope.

Unfortunately, today’s report is only slightly encouraging.

One of the 3 embryos hasn’t started dividing, but the other 2 are dividing well. They’re still keeping an eye on the third, and also on the 4 partially mature ones, but it’s pretty slim that any of those will pan out.

I’m scheduled for a day 4 transfer on Monday at 11:30. They’ll call with another report tomorrow, and hopefully the remaining 2 embryos will make it long enough to transfer on Monday.

You want to know something weird? The thing giving me the most hope right now is that my first cycle was so good. Even being so good, it didn’t result in pregnancy. So, maybe, possibly, with this cycle going down the tubes, the outcome will end up good.