Sunday Morning News

The embryologist called pretty early this morning, comparatively speaking. He called around 9:45 while I was putting groceries away. So early that I didn’t even have time to start my waiting-for-the-embryologist-to-call freak out.

Today’s news is good. Really good. First, the not as good news.

The four partially mature are beyond redemption at this point, so we’re writing those off. The third mature one finally started dividing, but it’s only 2 cells. They like to see embryos be 5-8 cells by now, so this one’s lagging pretty far behind.

Now, the good part! The other two are doing great. One is at 8 cells, and he said the other had so many cells, he couldn’t even count them all. So those two are really taking off.

Transfer is set for tomorrow morning at 11:30.


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