That Went Better Than I Expected

I know, I know. You came by yesterday to find a post about Old Man and Weird Man, and left wondering, “What the hell? Wasn’t her transfer today?”

It was, but I had nothing to say about it before, when I wrote about the Old Man, and afterward, I was confined to the couch for the rest of the day. I’ll be back there today and tomorrow, too.

The transfer went well. We ended up with one, perfect grade 1 embryo and a second, slightly less perfect grade 1.5 embryo, with just a little fragmentation. We transferred both, and now we wait. We’re calling them peanut butter and jelly, to encourage stickiness.

I’m a little concerned, because I have a cold and I’ve been coughing. I’m not allowed to take anything except plain Robitussin, which I don’t think works very well, and Tylenol for my sore throat. So I’m perfectly miserable. I forgot how awful a plain old cold can be when you can’t take something to get rid of the congestion. It sucks. I told Scott that, if this pregnancy happens, for the rest of it, he’s banished to the guest room if he gets the shadow of a sniffle. I’m not going through this again.

But the coughing is what oncerns me. I’m worried that so much use of my abdominal muscles in the coughing has shaken peanut butter and jelly loose. I hope not, and I’m trying to minimize the coughing, but this cold started its worst period yesterday morning. Great timing, huh?


5 Responses

  1. get yourself some vicks vaporub and spend a lot of time steaming yourself in the bathroom! that will help minimize the coughing. is your bathroom big enough to put down some comfy towels and sit in? that’s what i would do. good luck!

  2. Is the coughing all chest congestion or also from post-nasal drip? If the latter, you could also try a neti pot. I know it sounds disgusting, but it’ll do a great job on your sinuses.

  3. It’s definitely chest gunk causing the coughing, and so far, steam has been the way to go. I felt tons better after a steamy shower, and it did help the coughing for a while. I just hope it hasn’t done any damage.

    This cycle’s been a freakin’ disaster.

  4. They’ll get in there regardless of the coughing. I read an article once where a woman implanted during a ski trip where she fell violently and repeatedly. At least you’re not doing that! Take it easy and I hope you feel better.

  5. The worst part about the coughing is the anxiety it gives you. I am always coughing with post nasal drip and my RE said it wouldn’t matter. “Nothing you can do or not do will make a difference, if it’s going to work it’s going to work” were his exact words.

    (it didn’t work for me but for a very specific reason that trust me, you don’t have)