I’ve taken my last injection!

For the time being, anyway. This morning, I officially switched to Crinone cream from progesterone in oil.

My clinic has been switching patients over, but my prescriptions were ordered before they started, so I got stuck with the PIO. After transfer on Monday, I asked if I could switch, and if the Crinone was any less effective. They said it’s just as effective. So why the hell am I still getting stabbed in the ass with a needle every night? So I switched. Now, after the first application of Crinone, I’m starting to wonder if I might not ask to switch back to PIO. I have a somewhat creamy, unpleasant sensation in my pants. Hopefully, it will go away,


4 Responses

  1. It’s a little better today, but still there. The head congestion is TONS better, though, and the sore throat is mostly gone. So I’m hoping the cough will follow soon.

    Thanks for checking in. 🙂

  2. I can sniffle, I can have a stuffed head, I can even have a cough…but a sore throat leaves me in the fetal position curled up on the couch crying like a little girl…glad to hear you are feeling better.

    As for the PIO…my IVF happened around Christmas time. My doc wanted PIO for the 2ww. And then, I didn’t see him but the fellow and they forgot to tell me to switch to the crinone. I did PIO..otherwise referred to as PIA’s in my house…for a month. A solid month. I was never so happy to meet a suppository.

    Hoping the crinone is plumping 😉