Someone Is Trying to Tell me Something

I took a pregnancy test this morning. It wasn’t positive.

Then again, it wasn’t negative, either. It wasn’t anything at all. Apparently, I had a defective test. There wasn’t even a line in the control window.

So maybe the universe is just telling me to chill out until Friday and wait for the blood test. I guess I’ll take the hint, if only because I have no more tests in the house.

I did take another one on Sunday, though, and that one was negative. But that was only 10 days after retrieval, which is too early, right? I mostly used it just to make sure the trigger shot was out of my system to prep for today’s test. So it’s okay that it was negative. I keep telling myself that.


2 Responses

  1. I would be just as antsy as you are, but you’re probably better off just waiting for the conclusive blood test.

    Lots of positive test vibes coming your way …

  2. I didn’t get a positive with Noah until I was 18 days post ovulation. I know it’s different with IVF but still — 18 days. So hang in there!