Friday night, I think Scott was afraid he was going to have to hide my passport. I was thisclose to catching a cab to JFK and hopping on a plane to London. I picked London because it seemed like the shortest flight that would get me off this continent. It was a fairly serious threat, to go with him or without him.

I felt like I needed to get out. To leave everything behind and just go. I think I had a feeling in my gut that, if I could just run far enough, I could leave all the hurt and sadness and my broken heart behind me. It wouldn’t really have worked, of course, but the change of scenery couldn’t have hurt.

In lieu of taking off on a short, last minute trip to England, Scott and I had a “what the fuck” moment. As a result of that, we’re throwing all caution to the wind, forgetting about being broke, and going to the Isle of Skye in September. We plan to be there for the Autumnal Equinox. We’ll fly into Edinburgh, spend the night, then drive to Skye, where we’ll stay for a week. We’re debating staying in a B&B or a “self-catering” cottage, but leaning more toward the cottage. Either way, we should be able to stay for the week for about $800. The car rental appears to be pretty cheap, too, although I know gas is a lot more expensive overseas than it is in the U.S. The big expense will be airfare, of course, and that’s where we’re saying “fuck it.”

Scott and I will have been together for 13 years on September 27. In those 13 years, we’ve taken exactly one extended vacation together with it just being the two of us, and that was our honeymoon. Yes, we’ve taken long weekends, and weeks with our families, but not a whole week where it’s just us. The allure of escaping together, to a place that may as well be the end of the earth, has an appeal that can’t be resisted. So we’re going.

I’m ridiculously excited. I’m already planning what to pack and making lists of guide books to pick up next time I go book shopping. We plan to hike as much of the island as we can, so we’re going to start walking daily and going for hikes every weekend to get fit enough to do this trip the way we want. It’s still 7 months away, but I’m looking forward to this so much.


3 Responses

  1. Oh that sounds fantastic, and just a wonderful idea! Check airfares on, and on farecast. and have a great time planning your trip! This sounds like just the way to get both your minds off the struggles of late. My thoughts have been with you, even if I haven’t commented.

  2. you sound way overdue for this. I think it is so helpful to have something so good, so hopeful, so (somewhat) guaranteed to look forward to. I am excited for you!