“This, too, shall pass”

What a bunch of bullshit that phrase is. I cringe every time I hear someone say that to someone having a hard time. It’s often a flat out lie. Even at best, it’s a platitude that only serves to minimize whatever situation a person is dealing with.

The only person getting comfort out of this phrase is the one saying it, because they can’t think og anything else to say. So they settle on some meaningless, insulting platitude and pat themselves on the back for how comforting they are in someone else’s time of need.


4 Responses

  1. I hear ya. I could make quite the long list of platitudes such as that one, that make me see red. Often I think people are just so uncomfortable with someone else being in pain or suffering – they say these things almost to make themselves feel better, like “This too shall pass” which could also mean, “This person won’t be in this hole forever, which means I won’t fall into a hole like that and stay there forever.” – we are so afraid of suffering that we avoid really entering into it with one another for feel of it becoming contagious….I think.

    Still – it makes me want to vomit when someone says something like that to me. At that point you realize they just don’t get it. It feels very lonely.

  2. I agree. No matter how true it might be, it does nothing to ease the pain of the current situation.

  3. “This too shall pass” goes hand in hand with “everything happens for a reason” or my favorite, “God does not give us more than we can handle”

    There should be a ban on such phrases.

  4. Definately a bandaid condolence. “everything happens for a reason” — gotta LURVE that one too. Why can’t we just spare these stupid nonsensical sayings? They do more harm then good.