I’m going to WEBS!

Next Saturday. I could swoon just thinking about it. I hope I don’t swoon when I walk through the door.

We’re going to Northampton for a Railroad Earth show on Friday, and our hotel is HALF A MILE from WEBS. Half a mile! That’s a 10 minute walk! We don’t even need to take the car! But we’ll need the car, because I can’t carry as much in my arms as I can in the car.

Okay, I won’t really buy that much. Not too much. But it’s like going to Mecca.

Yeah, rolling two loves into one!

Yeah, company with make up time so Scott doesn’t need to use PTO!

Yeah, mothers who give Ticketmaster gift cards as gifts!

Yeah, credit cards with enough points to get a free hotel night!

Yeah, WEBS!

And to top it all off, then I get to see Railroad Earth again on Saturday in Woodstock. What a weekend! RRE > yarn > RRE!


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