Happy As a Family Singing

We got home yesterday from an incredible weekend of friends and music. It was just what I needed, even if there was some yucky stuff along the way that may lead to a yucky decision in the next few weeks. More about that another time, though.

Railroad Earth was way better in Woodstock than in Northampton, but both shows were worth the trip. Scott was particularly pleased to not have to drive either night, as we had a hotel within walking distance on Friday and K. was our designated grown-up on Saturday. That’s a rare treat for Scott, to not have to watch his alcohol consumption and stop drinking before intermission. A treat for me, too, really, since I usually don’t drink much when he can’t drink, either.

I discovered that a couple of people I know but didn’t know read my blog read my blog. (Did I mangle the language in that sentence, or what?) That’s always a surprise, though a nice one. Obviously, I live my life for the world to see! It’s just still strange for me, though, because I’ve been doing this for 6 years – as of last Monday – and it’s only in the past year or so that I’ve been meeting people in person who say, “Hey, I read your blog.” Sometimes I think only those of you who comment are reading.

I tried to articulate that to the first J. who mentioned it to me on Saturday, but I’d already spent the afternoon drinking my way toward the show and I think I may have ended up sounding unwelcoming, which is absolutely not what I meant.

So, hi J. and J.! Welcome!

In all, it was a really great weekend, spent with wonderful people and wonderful music. I hugged a Goat and a Hun and a Toad and had my ass squeezed by a Mouse.

And, oh yeah, yarn! I won’t even mention how much I spent at WEBS, but as K. pointed out at the time, think how much I saved on shipping!

Happy as a family
Happy hand in hand
Happy as a family singing

Happy as a banjo
Happy as I am
Happy as a banjo ringing


3 Responses

  1. I should probably own up that I read your blog 🙂

    Elizabeth, who met you briefly at Mexicali and is always the designated driver for my husband John