Amen Corner – Railroad Earth

It’s here! It’s finally here! My pre-order copy of Railroad Earth’s new album, Amen Corner, arrived today. I’m nearly through my first listen of it. Several tunes really stand out for me, most notable for me so far are Been Down This Road and You’ll Never Know. And Lovin’ You, which is a song I absolutely adore and is one of the few I’ve seen them play live so far.

I’ve studiously ignored listening to any recent shows where they played songs from the new album and I haven’t listened any of the songs being streamed on their Web site, so this is my first time listening to most of these tunes. I’m impressed so far and look forward to listening to it again and again.

I have no idea how this widget I’m posting here works, but I hope it allows you to hear a little of the album. Or you can just go here and listen to some of it. Either way, listen to it and then buy the album. It’s a good one.


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