Whirlwind Weekend

This past Saturday, June 14th, I had the great pleasure and honor to stand up for my longest friend* as her maid-of-honor when she married her great love. It was a great privilege for me, and I’m thankful to her for the opportunity, even if I was terrified about giving a speech in front of All Those People at the reception.

As a result of the happy occasion, the weekend flew by in a blinding swirl of silk and flowers. If it seemed to pass that quickly for me, I can’t imagine how fast it seemed for the bride and groom. I think they enjoyed their day immensely, though, and I hope they’re having a smashing time on their honeymoon.

Another great honor for me was that she wore the necklace and earrings I wore when I married Scott, as her “something borrowed.” When we were getting dressed in the hotel, the photographer was taking photos of her dress, laid on the bed, with her jewelry and bouquet. I commented that I chose her jewelry, and then realized that I also pushed very hard for the flowers in the bouquet – purple calla lillies; they were stunning – and I also chose the groom! Well, sort of, anyway; I introduced them. F. then reminded me that I also named one of her cats. I really don’t know what she’d do without me. I think she needs to let me name any kids that come along, too, just to keep up my streak.

*She sometimes comments here as “fm,” so some of you may have noticed her hanging around here. Interestingly, she gets to keep the same initials even though she’s taking her husband’s name. So she’ll still be “fm” when she comments.