(Semi-)Daily Gratitude #8

Today I’m grateful for my health.

Yeah, I know I moan and complain about my health a lot, sometimes even with legitimate reasons, but I’m generally pretty healthy, and I’m really thankful for that. The infertility sucks, and the cancer thing sucks, but even if it turns out that the cancer thing is back, all I’ll have to do is have some surgery and that will be that. It would suck, but I’d be alive and even untreated, I’d still live.

There’s a guy on a message board I read who is slowly being eaten alive by cancer. He posts updates now and again and the latest is not encouraging. He’s dying a slow, painful death, and this has been going on for a year.  Since the birth of his daughter, as a matter of fact. If I remember correctly, he was having his first chemo while his infant girl was still in the hospital, and she’s over a year old now. Through it all, he has defined grace, strength, and courage. Even though he’s in pain every day, terrible pain, he gets up and takes care of the house and baby while his wife goes out and works her ass off to make sure they have an income and health care. These people are my heroes.

And so today I’m grateful for the health that I’m blessed with, so that I don’t have to be as graceful, strong, or courageous as J. and his wife. or live each day in excruciating pain. This is a gift.