J Is for Joxer

J Is for Joxer

J is for Joxer, the doofiest cat I know.

I’ve written before about how sneaky Joxer is, and long time readers will probably remember the story of his arrival in our family, so I won’t mention that again. Instead, I’ll tell you what a goofball he is.

A while back, over a year ago, I saw this fabric tunnel thing at the pet store. Somehow, I have a knack of knowing what toys will appeal to which cat just upon seeing the toy in a store, and when I saw this tunnel, I turned to Scott and said, “Joxer will love this.” So we bought it and brought it home and set it up, and sure enough, within seconds of standing up the tunnel on the floor, Joxer came running from across the room and dove into it. The thing is, that tunnel is meant for normal sized cats, not the 20 pounds of feline maniacalness that is my Joji. As soon as he dove his enormous body into the tunnel, it collapsed, and it has never stood up properly again.

That doesn’t deter my boy, though. Since the tunnel won’t stand up for him to get his body into it, he just lays next to it with his arms stuck into it. (His loooooong arms, which earned him one of his nicknames: Longshanks.) Once or twice I day, I’ll set it up so it’s standing precariously on its side, beckoning for him to enter. That’s when he tries to get all sly and sneaky and to pretend he doesn’t care. He wanders around, acting like he’s not looking at it, while all the time his eyes keep darting over to it. 30 seconds later, he can’t take it anymore and he pounces. The tunnel collapses and he and it go sliding 10 feet across the hardwood floor from the force of his leap.

It’s a pretty damned funny sight to behold.

Aside from being doofy and sneaky, he’s also one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter. We were really blessed the day he and his sister decided they wanted to live here.


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  1. Great story! I can really picture the feline aloofness as he pretends to not be interested…I see in on my cat all the time!