(not so) Plain Jane Sock

Plain Jain Sock

I plan to knit as many pairs of socks as possible before I go in for surgery. Hospitals suck, but I think handknit socks will help make the suck a little less. (I’m also planning to have Scott bring me Lady E to snuggle up in.)

Because I want to knit quickly, I’m knitting plain, basic socks. But there’s nothing plain about these babies! The yarn is Austermann Step and I’m so in love with how the colors are striping. The sock is just a simple toe-up sock – using Judy’s magic cast-on, which has revolutionized toe-up knitting for me – but that yarn really makes it something special. I just started the leg, which is 3×1 ribbing.

I’m still working out how I like my handknit socks to look and fit, and that toe is a lot pointier than I thought it would be. For the next pair, I’ll cast on more stitches to get rid of the pointy.