Austermann Step Socks

A very basic pair of socks meant to help me practive some new-to-me techniques. They’re just plain old stockinette with a 3×1 ribbing on the leg, done toe-up on two circulars, with a short row heel.

On the sock on the left, you can see the ladders I was getting using the two circs method. On the sock on the right, no ladders! I got some great help from a few Ravelers and was able to get rid of those ladders completely.

The short row heel is still giving me some problems. You see that raised line on the left sock? I can’t figure out how to pick up my wraps to prevent that. Looks like I’ll be practicing this technique more before I get it right.

The yarn is Austermann Step, and it’s a great yarn. It supposedly has aloe vera and jojoba oil in the fibers, which is supposed to stay through 40 washes. I can’t honestly say I can tell that it has those things in it, but I’ll take their word on it. I love how the yarn knit up, and I’m pretty proud of myself for matching the color runs so well on each sock!


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