A Dr. K Memory

Since going back to Dr. H and firing Dr. K, I remembered that I actually met Dr. K before. And I didn’t like him then, either.

After my first surgery, all I could eat was watermelon for a while. My stomach couldn’t handle anything else, but the watermelon was good because at least it kept me hydrated. After the second surgery, however, I was ravenously hungry and eating fried chicken the day after. Even though Dr. H had to repair a perforated bowel the day before. I felt really good and really hungry and I wanted fried chicken, so Scott said screw the hospital food and went and got me fried chicken.

When Dr. H came in and saw me with chicken, he said, “Good. You’re eating!” And that was that. But when he was off duty and Dr. K was making rounds for him, he was shocked. He called Dr. H to tattle on me, that I was eating fried chicken after a bowel perf, and Dr. H just told him, “She knows herself. If she feels like she can eat it, I’m going to let her eat it.”

I didn’t remember this until recently, after I fired Dr. K, but I wonder if it was in my subconscious when I had that consultation with him and was yet another thing that set up that visit to be adversarial right from the beginning.

Less than a week to go.


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  1. I listened to a story on Radio Lab about that very topic. That “gut feeling” always has somthing behind it. In fact, in brain injury patients that loose their ablity to tap into their emotions (become Spock-like) they can’t make decisions.

    Again you made the best decision.