That’s what I’m feeling right now. Why? Because of this:

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I decided yesterday that I wanted to start baking all of our sandwich bread instead of buying it. While I have a bread machine, I don’t really like the shapes of the loaves it makes, and I hate the little hole the paddle leaves, so I decided that it would need to be baked by hand. It’s been years since I baked bread without a machine, but it turns out that it’s surprisingly like riding a bike.

White bread is always easier than whole wheat, so I decided to start with Susan’s Farmhouse White Sandwich Bread.

Staff of Life

I followed that recipe almost exactly, except that I used melted butter instead of canola. Also, I ended up only making 2 loaves, rather than the 3 in the recipe, because I held out 10 ounces of dough to use as “old dough” in another recipe later on.

Staff of Life

Even with 10 ounces taken out, it was too much dough for only 2 loaves, so they got pretty large! As a result, I think I could have baked them longer. I did add an extra 5 minutes, but they’re probably a smidge underbaked. Still, I bet they’ll taste wonderful.

Which I’m going to find out right now, when I go have a slice.


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  1. Dear Kim,

    I, too, recently had an epiphany along the lines of “I will now bake all of our bread myself!” (My crappy bread-slicing skills notwithstanding, it’s just so much tastier and more satisfying. Whole wheat flour, ground flaxseed, etc. go into the dough according to how virtuous I am feeling.) Sometimes you just want delicious homemade bread.

    But, holy crap, mine doesn’t look as beautiful as yours! I wish I could reach through my monitor and tear off a piece! And the flour, sprinkled artistically on top… it is bee-yoo-tiful.

    I am bookmarking that recipe right now, for next time I make bread. If it comes out looking half as delectable as yours, it will be time well spent.



  2. That is beautiful bread. I used to bake all our bread when the children were little. I loved doing it by hand, so satisfying kind of the way knitting is satisfying.