Project Spectrum | East

Today marks the turning of Project Spectrum from North to East. East is represented by the element of Air, the season of Spring, the material wood, and the color yellow.

Yellow is a really hard color to work with in a Web site design. It’s either pallid and babyish, or eye-numbingly bright. I hope I’ve been able to balance that a little, but please let me know if that yellow is blinding on your monitor.

I feel like this blog design is way over the top for me and, to be honest, it makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because yellow just screams LOOK AT ME and I tend to feel more comfortable fading into the background. Yellow isn’t a color I normally wear, my mother’s efforts notwithstanding, and it isn’t a color I’m particularly fond of, for the most part. (The one exception would be with daffodils, which are my favorite flower. I love them yellow and bright and eschew the white ones in favor of the sunny faces of the yellow ones.) But Project Spectrum is about exploring your relationship with the various colors and elements, and about pushing boundaries to some degree, so I’m stepping outside my normal comfort zone with this bright and over the top blog design.

It’s fitting that today is the beginning of the next phase of Project Spectrum, for today is also Beltaine. (Though you wouldn’t know it looking out my window.)  I have a love/hate relationship with Beltaine. To see the world bursting with life and color and promise makes my heart sing, but the associations with fertility make me cringe. It’s holidays like Beltaine that make me feel like a failure as a Pagan.  It sounds silly to say something like that, but so much of Paganism is about fertility. I try to not take that so literally and make up for my lack of fecundity in body by nurturing my creative fertility, but it’s not always easy.

I haven’t decided yet what my focus, other than the blog design, will be for this phase of Project Spectrum. I’m considering finally starting on Flicca, because I have a mountain of yellow yarn waiting to be knitted into that sweater. There will certainly be photos, and tree bark is one of my favorite things to photograph, so I’m looking forward to that. We’ll see where this goes.


3 Responses

  1. I like your new layout! It’s fresh and cheery, just the thing for spring. I look forward to seeing what you create during this (challenging) phase of PS.

  2. It’s a really beautiful color on my monitor. I love the picture at the top, too. I think it’s a very good start for your Project spectrum.