J Is for Juicy

Down but not out. I will catch up, yes I will.

This photo is sort of an embarassment to me, because the comment I get from the most from friends about my photos is some variation of “wow! your food shots are great!”

This is not one of those great food shots. It is, in fact, a very crappy photo of an amazing piece of steak. A good testament to its amazingness is that I didn’t even think to get any photos of it until I was nearly done. So don’t let this photo fool you: this was one of the most amazing steaks I’ve ever eaten.

When we got to Lyons, we stopped at a tiny little grocery store to get some food for the cottage. The main reason we stopped, aside from this place being the only option as we later found out, was the hand-lettered sign outside that said “Colorado Beef.” What you see here is the remains of an almost 2-inch thick rib steak, hand-cut in store a few hours before we purchased it.

Barbara cooked them on the grill until they were browned on the outside and bloody on the inside. I made a really simple tomato and cucumber salad to go on the side, and we dug in. This was an incredible meal, and I get hungry even looking at this terrible photo. The steak was flavorful and delicious and juicy and wonderful.

J is, indeed, for Juicy.


2 Responses

  1. That _was_ an amazing meal. You know what else I noticed … that was the freshest cucumber I’ve ever had that I didn’t grow myself. Tasted like it had just been picked. Just shows how when you start with great ingredients, you hardly have to do anything to them.