Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-15

  • First Ranger pre-season game is tomorrow!!! #
  • Wait. I just remembered Brashear is a Ranger. Now I'm not so excited about hockey. #
  • I really like this one #
  • Getting close to the end of posting Colorado photos. I filled up my 4GB card, though, so there are a lot. #
  • If I can come up with a J for the ABC-Along, I have a good shot at catching up. #
  • Crap. I just remembered I have more laundry to do today. Foo. #
  • I cannot believe that Amex's Web site STILL doesn't work for making payments with Chrome. #
  • Anyone looking for a unique piece of art should check out my big brother's work: #
  • Watching General Hospital on my laptop while backing up a SQL database. I love technology. #
  • Goblin has lived with his own claws his whole life. You would think he would know how they work. #
  • But maybe doing it the weekend after Thanksgiving this year is a good idea, for those who CAN do Boulder. #
  • It would be a good lead in to the next weekend, with DC, Philly, and Brooklyn. #
  • Cute little black and white kitty is back, and I just named him Adolpho. Now Scott is scared. #

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