Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-17

  • I actually get to do a little programming today. Yay! It won't be a day of "add this photo" and "fix this text." #
  • I really hate Web sites that use a black sheet. #
  • RT @sabrinafaire: I am wondering "Who's Nick and it's his birthday?" and it's a fucking Jonas brother jeezus people what's wrong with you? #
  • Lunch, then back to this registration page update. #
  • This email verification system would be a lot easier if I'd commented my code better 7 years ago. #
  • I'm fumbling around in my own code going "Ohhhh, so that's what that does." #
  • Forum launched, finally. Registration system partially revamped. Tomorrow I just need to make the email verification DO something. #
  • Now looking for a good cabled hat pattern to go with the Colorado mitts. #
  • I can't believe I've never knit myself a hat. #
  • Thinking maybe a stockinette hat with a horizontal cable band using the cable chart for the mitts. #
  • A double minor on Avery? That was a crock. Even 2 minutes was questionable, but a double minor?? #
  • And also? I'm really hating the new officials' jerseys. Those white stripes are way too wide. #
  • Oh my god. It feels so good to be bitching about hockey again! #
  • This Gilroy could be exactly the defenseman the Rangers have needed since Leetch went crazy. #

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