Tweet, Tweet :: 2009-09-18

  • This is less than 3 miles away from Bearsville: #
  • That seems tailor made for hobos, you think? But no real info about the rooms or rates. #
  • Alright, enough dreaming about Woodstock for now. Time to get some work done. #
  • Just finished monthly billing. Always a good day. #
  • Mmm. Onions and garlic sweating in olive oil. Dinner started at 4:45. What could I possibly be making? #
  • The previous tweet was brought to you by the Make Scott's Stomach Start Growling At Work Foundation. #
  • Gravy is simmering. House smells incredible. Time for some knitting #
  • There's a band playing a Stray Cats song in the park. #

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