In Which I Reveal That I Am A Glutton For Punishment

Earlier this week, I got a song I hate stuck in my head. When Scott got home from work that evening, I insisted upon regaling him with how much I hate this song and how annoying it is that I can’t stop hearing it. Ever a glutton for punishment himself, he asked what the song was.

As I opened my mouth to tell him, it was gone. Just like that. Gone. I had no idea what song it was and it was no longer hounding me.

What a relief, right? What a win! Suddenly and unexpectedly, I was free!

Beacause I’m me, though, as soon as I couldn’t remember the song, it started driving me crazy that I couldn’t remember the song. Gentle reader, I actually turned to the intertubes and Googled what I could remember of that song, so that I could remember what it was.

Result? It’s now days later and I still haven’t managed to get the damn thing out of my head.

In case you’re wondering, the song is Phil Collins’ Against All Odds. You’re welcome.