Welcome to Forty-Something

Last Wednesday, I turned forty. I’ve been vascillating between having a hard time with that and being okay with it, and mostly I’m falling on the side of being okay with it. While my life isn’t where I thought it would be when I hit 40 – the infertility thing rears its head in everything – I’m still pretty happy with my life in general. I have an incredible husband, great friends, and a family that loves me. I have a comfortable, if messy and rented, home in a place I love to live. I don’t really want for anything material. All things considered, I’m doing pretty well.

To celebrate, I told my mother months ago that what she could get me for this birthday was plane tickets to spend the week with her and the rest of the family in Georgia. Since my birthday fell the day before Thanksgiving this year, it worked out perfectly that we would be there for the holiday, too. Those plane tickets were really all I wanted and expected, but she also planned a big birthday dinner with the whole family. Most of the immediate family lives in Georgia now, but my Aunt Melissa and her partner*, Dave, came up from Florida, too, which made it even more special.

Here we all are at the Japanese restaurant where we had dinner:

The Family

Don’t mind the weird look on my face. I was still befuddled by the funny hat and the crazy happy birthday drumming that happened right before this photo was taken.

From left to right:
back row: Alex’s girlfriend Beth, my brother Alex, Aunt Melissa, Dave, sister-in-law Michele, Scott, brother Kenny, nephew Miles
front row: my mom’s husband Denny, my mom, me, niece Marley

It’s not very often that we’re all together like this, so it was really great. Marley turned to me at one point, after having looked wide-eyed all around the table, and said, “I had no idea I had such a big family.” And not only are there a lot of us, but we’re loud. We laugh and shout and generally make a scene, but it’s a fun scene.

It was a pretty good way to spend a birthday.

* Partner may sound weird, but they’re too committed to just call him a boyfriend, so partner it is.