22-25/31 | January 2010

The Caprican

22/31 – Spotted on the subway. Caprica turned out to be pretty good. I look forward to this week’s episode. I can’t believe they made Eric Stoltz say a line about someone feeling the sun on her face, though. That gave me a giggle.

The Knitted Mouse

23/31 – Knitting catnip mice is my new obsession. They’re quick and easy and use up all the little bits of worsted I have lying around, and Xena isn’t complaining.


25(-1)/31 – Yes, I missed a day, but I don’t care. The fact that I’ve made it this far is a small miracle.

Hair color and laundry detergent, that about sums up Tuesday. I’m not really happy with the color, though. I switched from my usual Feria because it doesn’t cover grey very well. This color was meant to be dark golden brown, which I think is pretty close to my real color (which I haven’t seen since 1989), but it has really red highlights. I don’t like red highlights, they really wash out my skin tone.


5 Responses

  1. Kim – I used to sell L’Oreal Hair color – they make Feria, Excellence and the same parent of Nutrisse. Try the Excellence – that is supposed to be the best at covering gray. Feria is for more highlights and different shades. Hope that helps?

  2. And speaking of red — my long undyed hair has faded to red SO MUCH. I can’t wait until it all grows out. It’s nothing like either my natural OR dyed colors.

    Oh well …