Kim and the Sort of Crappy But Much Better Day

First off, Scott’s mother is not in a medically induced coma, as it turns out. The information we’ve been getting from family members on the scene has been altered as people put their own take on it and as a certain family member spins it to cause the most feelings of guilt in those who aren’t there. Scott’s brother arrives in Pittsburgh today, so I expect to start getting more accurate information. Or at least less altered information.

We going to drive out on Thursday or Friday now, depending on what his brother says when we speak to him later today.

Second, the shared SSL thing at my Web host has been resolved. I woke up to find an email apologizing for the way it was handled and the news that they renewed the shared SSL certificate for another year. So now I still have to set up a few clients with their own SSL certs, but we have time to do it correctly instead of making it a mad scramble because the sites are down without it.

Third, one of the sites that was going down, which was why all those sites got moved to another server, went down again today. But the good news is that the other sites did not go down with it, and also it seemed to resolve on its own without having to reset IIS. Hopefully that was just an isolated incident, but I’m keeping a close eye on things.

All in all, today is a much better day. A little bad, but mostly it doesn’t suck as thoroughly as yesterday. There’s hope for everything.