What To Do About Flicca?

According to my Ravelry project notebook, I started knitting Flicca in May 2009. In that time, I’ve knit the back, the fronts, and I’m about a quarter of the way through the sleeves. There’s really not a whole lot left to knit.

The thing is, I think I hate this pattern. And I know I hate the yarn.

The yarn is Patons Shetland Chunky. This is my first time working with acrylic and I hate it. I just really hate it. The yarn is crunchy and not soft and it feels unpleasant to the touch. I can’t imagine wearing a sweater made out of such unpleasant yarn.

The pattern itself is a drudgery of ribbing. I was seduced by the photos of the finished product, because the completed sweater is truly lovely. That seduction made me lose my mind a little to the point that I thought knitting that much ribbing would be fine. It’s not fine. I hate it.

So now I have this nearly fully knit sweater that I hate so much I don’t want to finish it and even if I forced myself to finish it I wouldn’t want to wear it. I can’t frog it and re-use the yarn because, remember, I hate the yarn. I don’t want to waste all the hours I’ve already put into it because, my gods. All. That. Ribbing.

What I should really do is just toss it. Just throw the whole mess out with tonight’s trash. That makes me feel so guilty, though. Maybe I can find someone who loves ribbing and loves acrylic and wants to finish it. I doubt it, but maybe.

What would you do?


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