Resolving Not to Resolve

The beginning of a new year is, for many, a time to take stock and make note of changes one would like to make in one’s life. This is followed by strong resolutions meant to firm up one’s will and put those changes into effect forcefully. For me, however, resolutions like that are just a way to set myself up to fail. I’m sure there are people out there who can make resolutions and stick to them, ending the year with a feeling of accomplishment. I am not one of those people.

So instead, for 2011 I have a list of intentions. They’re not things I resolve to do, not promises I’m making to myself that I’ll feel like a liar and a failure if I don’t do them perfectly. It’s just a list of things I intend to do, one way or another.

  • I don’t resolve to go on a diet, but I  intend to eat a little healthier.
    For me this involves three things: cut back on empty calories like sweets and booze, get more fresh fruits and veggies into my diet,  and cook a little more while ordering out a little less.  I still intend to drink, eat sweets, and order out, just maybe not as often.
  • I don’t resolve to schedule and plan an exercise regimen, but I  intend to move my body a little more.
    Exercise plans are meant to be broken, but I want to be sure to get my ass up and moving more often than I have been. Maybe I’ll take a walk, or do some yoga, or workout with the Wii. It will be whatever I feel like at the time, and probably spontaneous. Making solemn vows to work out x amount of times per week for x minutes is not for me. I’d break that promise in the first week. Intending to move a little more, though, that I can handle.
  • I don’t resolve to get to bed by a certain time every night, but I intend to get to bed a little earlier sometimes.
    I’ve been on a kind of wacky sleep schedule for the past few months. That probably won’t change completely, but I do intend to start going to bed a little earlier now and then. Even one night a week would be a big improvement.

So there it is: my 2011 intentions. No lofty resolutions I can use to disappoint myself, just a list of modest proposals I’m making to myself.


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