Freshly Vacuumed Cat

For the past year or so, Goblin has been getting less and less afraid of the vacuum. It first began as laziness stemming from old age. He was tired, dammit, and if that vacuum wasn’t coming straight at him, he was going to just lay there and keep a wary eye on it. This is an attitude I’ve been trying to cultivate since I first noticed it, so now when I vacuum I make a point of going to Goblin with the vacuum running to give him scritches and sweet words. Eventually, he was relaxed enough to flump over for a belly rub while the vacuum was running.

G Is for Boogie

Goblin in his favorite spot, which needs to be vacuumed often

Today I decided to try to vacuum the chaise longue – aka “Boogie’s bed” – with Goblin still laying on it. He tolerated that, so I moved the vacuum hose closer to him. Before either of us knew what I was doing I was vacuuming him. Not only was I vacuuming him, but he liked it so much that he rolled over onto his back so I could vacuum his belly.

This is revolutionary! This cat sheds more than the other two combined. Being able to vacuum him is going to be a huge boon!


1 Response

  1. Just wait until you accidently vacuum up his tail. 🙂

    With my gray cat Merlin who has a thick undercoat I use a slicker brush a few times a week. He loves the attention and I remove huge amounts of fur though I do take care around his eyes so that they don’t get scratched.