Clementine Marmalade

Cementine Marmalade

*I made this marmalade months ago, but I finally got around to downloading the photos from my camera.

Faced with a crate of clementines and no inclination to eat them out of hand, I started desperately looking for something to make out of them before they went bad. While marmalade is traditionally made with Seville oranges, it seemed like a perfect solution for all my clementines so I set out in search of a recipe. As it turns out, there really aren’t any marmalade recipes out there on the Web that use clementines. None that I could find, anyway. Instead, I ended up adapting a Martha Stewart recipe for Classic Seville Orange Marmalade.

Cementine Marmalade

I replaced all her oranges with a full crate of clementines and used one lemon instead of the two in the recipe. If I remember correctly, I started with only a quart of water. The directions for the sugar I followed exactly and that worked out very well. I ended up with two quarters and a pint jar. The pint got devoured almost immediately. The two quart jars are in the freezer, soon to be broken into.

This marmalade is considerably runnier than jams or jellies made with added pectin. Maybe clementines don’t have enough pectin in their rinds to thicken it up? I don’t know, but the runniness doesn’t really bother me. It’s still delicious.