Cherry Gin Cocktail

gin cocktail

Scott and I tried to come up with a fancy name for this drink and failed. So you get the blandly named Cherry Gin Cocktail. The name is where the bland ends, though. This was a fantastic drink on a hot night.

Try as I may, I can’t remember the quantities of the ingredients. I’m sure it was 2 ounces of gin. Of that I’m sure. Otherwise, I think I feel fairly confident saying it’s an ounce each of lemon juice and cherry syrup. It seemed to be missing something so I also added a scant bar spoon of Crème de Violette. In a way it’s a little like an Aviation. Like a backwoods cherry-lemonade Aviation. I garnished with a maraschino cherry because it seemed to really cry out for one.

As far as the cherry syrup, I pretty much winged it. I pitted a pound of cherries and cut them in half before tossing them into a pot with a cup each of water and sugar. That simmered for a little while until it seemed syrupy. Once in a while I used a potato masher to let the cherries have what-for, and when it seemed like syrup, I strained the whole mess into a bottle. The result is a not too sweet bright red syrup with a definite cherry flavor. I keep meaning to try it with seltzer in an Italian soda.