I Foresee a Great Battle

A battle between me and the groundhog. Or rabbits. Or both.

3.1.2013 late winter bulbs

The Great Bulb Planting of 2012 is going to result in very few flowers this spring, I think. There are holes all over my yard where they’ve been dug up and little papery skins are strewn about as silent testimony to the bulb massacre that is happening every day. There are a few stalks sticking up in the back yard, though, so I have hope for some of them to make it through. In the front, it looks like sprouts started growing but they seem to serve mainly as a sign to the groundhog and rabbits showing exactly where to dig. They’re the floral form of a giant neon sign flashing outside my house, a sign that says: Eat at Kim’s. All over the yard I found those tiny sprouts laying in the grass attached to nothing, their food source dug up and eaten by some critter.

Something has also taken to eating the leaves off the huecheras in the back, which makes me sad. The two obsidian ones in the front shade border are doing well, but the three plum pudding heucheras in the back are gnawed to stalks. Hopefully they recover and begin to thrive.

In better news, my lilac has tiny, tiny buds all over. It’s still a very small bush, but I imagine how beautiful it will be as it grows and matures.


Although spring is still officially weeks away, things are stirring in the yard. In just a week-and-a-half we’ll be putting in the spring veggie garden. It’s possible that only three weeks after that we’ll be enjoying the first French breakfast radishes pulled from the garden. Walking around the yard today I could feel so much possibility just waiting to manifest. What a delight I’ve been missing all these years.