Xena’s Log: March 2013

The light lasts longer in the day now, which means I have an extra hour or two that I can stay awake and observe the humans. The female’s resolve is breaking at last, as I knew it would. This morning when I jumped on her desk on my way to the window she offered a half-hearted, “Xena…” while barely raising her voice. My plan to slowly break her down is working.

My studies have shown that this is the best way to train a human: steadfastly ignore all their protests and continue doing as I please. Eventually their will breaksĀ and the only thing left is the desire to shut me up as quickly as possible. The male is usually the first to give up his will. The female still has stubborn streaks of determination to not submit, but with enough repetition, even she gives in at last. I predict another week before the female begins sighing resignedly when I jump on her desk. This is a vast improvement over the shrieking she did when I beganĀ this experiment.

I’ll update again when I can.


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