• We closed on our refinance last week. Not even a year here and we already refinanced. That’s sort of surreal. The re-fi saves us about a thousand dollars a year, which is very nice.
  • Today I’m going to mail our property tax appeal documents. If this works, it will mean significant property tax savings. This house was last assessed during the height of the real estate bubble and is over assessed by about thirty percent as a result. Fingers crossed.
  • I found a WordPress plugin that does SMTP authorization, which my host requires for sending email. This means that, at last, blog comments will be emailed to me again.
  • My daffodils are by this unseasonably cold weather. I hope the warm up coming in the next few days will jump-start them and that they haven’t been lost for good this year.
  • Saturday I finally go curtains for the dining room. They were out of stock, of course, but should be delivered soon. It will be so nice to get rid of those hideous blue things that were here when we moved in.