Morning Morning Mishmash

  • Scott joyfully discovered yesterday that many of the early seeds we sowed in the spring garden bed are sprouting above the soil line. It was unseasonably cold here for a while so things took longer than expected to get started, so I hope we’re on track now.
  • Speaking of the garden, Saturday we spent the afternoon building a varmint cage around raised bed number one because things were starting to dig in the soil. So far, so good, though it’s only been two days.
  • Last night’s Game of Thrones premier was solid, I thought. A lot of reminding us what’s going on with everyone and getting characters set up for the things that are going to happen to them this season. I can’t wait for next weekend’s episode!
  • I spent a little time on Friday driving around looking for Ommegang’s Iron Throne Blond Ale, with no luck. We tried to get a growler of it on Saturday to have for the premier, but it was kicked by the time we got to the bar for a fill. Hopefully the next release goes a little more widely and we can find a bottle or two.
  • All wasn’t lost, however, as we got to spend time with a friend drinking and eating poutine when we went for that growler fill. Great way to pass a Saturday after working in the garden.
  • Sunday was mostly spent sacked out on the couch watching the Game of Thrones marathon and preparing for the premier. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday, really.
  • Since they were out of the Ommegang and had the growler sitting right there, we ended up with a growler full of Kane Overhead Imperial IPA. It’s pretty tasty.
  • Tuesday, Scott is taking a half day at work and we’re going to see the Game of Thrones exhibition in midtown. I can’t wait to sit on the iron throne.

So that’s about everything going on. It’s all Game of Thrones and gardening these days.