Monday Morning Mishmash

  • It was a nice, quiet weekend here. Saturday we went to Ikea to pick up a bookcase with a door for the office. Once I get it put together I can, at last, start unpacking some of the final boxes.
  • I also have two smaller bookcases I need to assemble for the little alcove in the bedroom. Once they’re up, I can sort through my yarn boxes and unpack them. The plan for alcove is to have pretty yarn storage, a comfy love seat, a luxe rug and chandelier, and a fake fireplace. It will be cozy and luxurious and a wonderful place to sit and knit or read.
  • One of my recent scores from Ikea is the GISLEV┬árug for the office. It’s not quite as big as I’d like or exactly the right color – I really want orange – but for $20 you really can’t beat it and now that it’s on the floor I no longer cringe every time one of the desk chair rolls across the hardwood floors.
  • The garden is going well, if slow for me. I find I’m impatient and just want it to grow, grow, grow. It will in its own time, I know. On Sunday I did a second planting of peas and third plantings of lettuce and radishes. That should keep us in lettuce and radishes for quite some time. Hopefully the first radishes will be ready to harvest in a week or so and I can start clearing out squares in the first box for summer crops.
  • Sunday was also Game of Thrones night and this week we added a friend to our weekly viewing. She hasn’t read the books yet, so I think it will be fun to watch with her and see her reactions as… things… happen. The end of “Walk of Punishment ” was definitely interesting. I didn’t expect that quite so soon.
  • This week we have a pest control guy coming to search for the wasp or hornet nest that is somewhere in the siding. Two of them got into the house recently and I think it’s time to get rid of them for good.
  • There also seems to be a bird’s nest in a corner of the house where the siding was damaged during Sandy. It’s such a small section that I keep forgetting about it and now I’m not sure what to do. Wait to repair it until the birds abandon their nest? Evict them? I don’t know.

Here’s hoping for a lovely week.