State of the Veggie Garden

chard & golden sweet peas

Every morning, the first thing I do is feed the ravening herd of beasts while boiling water for tea. While they’re eating and the tea is steeping, I go check to see what the garden is doing. Starting my day this way is such a novelty, one of which I think I’ll never tire.

Things are starting to really get into full swing now, though the cool weather we’ve had this spring has slowed everything down. The first planting of radishes should have been ready for harvest yesterday at the latest, but they still have at least another week to go. The second planting looks like they’re catching up and may be ready at the same time. If that happens, we’ll be eating a lot of radishes in a short time. I’m reading up on recipes for roasted and sauteed radishes to prepare for the abundance.

As of yesterday, everything is sprouting except for the newly planted seeds from last weekend. The second planting carrot sprouts don’t look much smaller than those of the first planting, so carrot overload may also be in my near future. I think we’ll have peas in June, but I hope that we’ll be eating pea shoots in a few weeks. My biggest delight now is watching the summer squashes unfurl their thick, rubbery leaves from inside their seed casings. The golden squash is thinned down to four plants while the zucchini has three sprouting so far. They grow so fast that I suddenly understand how people become overloaded with summer squash. I can’t wait for this. I can’t wait to eat zucchini in salad and bread and grilled and baked and roasted and fried… to eat it until I’m sick of it and still have loads of it to freeze and pickle.

Soon it will be time to plant the pole beans and midget watermelon. My pepper, eggplant, and tomato plants will arrive in about two weeks to fill the holes in the beds where radishes and turnips are harvested. For now, though, this is a practice in patience for me, a lesson I am glad to be learning.