Last year there was a flower I loved in the foundation border. I didn’t really know what it was and it was so fleeting that I didn’t have time to study it, but I knew it was strange-looking and in my mind I dubbed it a hellebore. That’s what I’ve been calling it for nearly a year. Its foliage is back this year and I started noticing that it looks nothing like hellebore foliage.

columbine foliage

The leaves are unfurling in such a delightful manner. They begin as tight little spirals that unfold as the leaves grow. I’ve been utterly smitten with them.

columbine foliage uncurling

As delightful as it is, hellebore doesn’t do that, nor are the leaves shaped like that. I did a little research and discovered that this plant is a columbine. How thrilling! How fortuitous!


Last weekend Scott and I were at Lowe’s to pick up mulch and we both fell in love with all the columbine we saw. We ended up buying five of them, and a peony, and planted them on Sunday.


It’s possible I now have too much columbine, but really… is there such a thing? Can there be?