Ten On Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Knit

Colorado Mitts

If I’m completely honest, I haven’t knit in a very long time. An embarrassingly long time. The knitting  mojo is returning lately, though, and I have ideas for new projects with some lovely new Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn I bought recently. So this is not just ten reasons I knit, but also reasons I’ll knit again.

10 Reasons Why I Knit

  1. Knitting makes me happy, just in general.
  2. It soothes me and keeps me calm when I need soothing and calmness.
  3. Working with color satisfies my need for beauty.
  4. It can be a rhythmic, mindless, easy way to occupy my hands while doing something that requires my attention like watching tv or a movie, like when I knit a garter stitch scarf.
  5. Or it can be a challenging task that requires my full attention, like when I knit a lace shawl.
  6. It helps pass the time when I’m engaged in waiting for something, in a line, in a doctor’s office, etc.
  7. Using something I’ve knit myself fills me with joy.
  8. I love spending time plotting and planning with a pattern, choosing colors and fiber and needles.
  9. Knitting is magic. Anyone who has ever turned a heel on a sock or seen a shriveled up piece of lace transform into a thing of beauty when blocked will back me up on this.
  10. I’m good at it and yet have so much to learn, which is an incredible combination. There’s always something new I want to try, but there are so many things I’ve done and want to do again. Knitting is never boring.


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